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An all ages, all abilities, and neurodiversity affirming counselling, therapy and psychosocial support service helping people feel better through challenges they face in everyday life.
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About us

Celeste and Rachel are Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Accredited Mental Health Social Workers.  Rachel and Celeste are highly accomplished mental health therapists, having over two decades of extensive combined experience supporting clients navigating life’s complexities. They are well known for easily building client rapport with their warm and genuinely accepting natures.

Celeste and Rachel’s experience includes supporting adults, children, youth and families within the Adult, Child and Youth Mental Health, Education, Family Support, Health, Disability and Domestic Violence Sectors. Celeste and Rachel have specialist expertise in navigating and managing complex psychosocial issues.

Their ability to develop collaborative working relationships supports easing of client distress, enabling clients to feel re-connected and regain control of their lives. Having worked across the broad human service sector, Rachel and Celeste have sound knowledge of wide-ranging life complexities and human service systems. Importantly, their knowledge and experience provides reassurance for clients that from the outset, they can feel confident their needs will be clearly understood. Celeste and Rachel are passionate about providing a neurodiversity affirming service, with Rachel herself being diagnosed as neurodivergent later in life.

Rachel and Celeste have been recognised and acknowledged for their commitment and leadership toward their profession, with both being major Social Work Award recipients. In the first year of business FeelBetter was a finalist in the 2023 Mount Gambier Chamber of Commerce Business Awards acknowledging the business’s commitment to positive community culture. Their commitment toward lifelong learning and high service standard ensures they remain up to date with the latest trainings and developments.

Rachel and Celeste are committed to providing equitable whole of community mental health and wellbeing support, reflected in their decision to proudly provide a quota of pro-bono (fee free) and bulk-billed appointments.

Rachel Fenn

Celeste Raymond

Our Services

FeelBetter Limestone Coast provides an all ages, all abilities and neurodiversity affirming counselling, therapy and psychosocial support service helping people feel better through challenges they face in everyday life. Both Celeste and Rachel have completed specialist training in both autism and ADHD to become certified clinical specialists.

Celeste and Rachel are trained to provide the following therapies:

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)(including specific skills in grief, loss and change, and therapeutic art-based therapy)

Play Based Therapy (including Marte Meo)

Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT) for children

Parallel Parent Child Narrative Therapy (PPCN)

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Solution Focussed Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Relaxation Strategies

As experienced and accredited mental health social workers Celeste and Rachel are also able to provide Functional Capacity Assessments for people with psychosocial and other disabilities.


Our service provides a safe, non judgemental space that encourages our community to seek support for their mental health and wellbeing so that they FeelBetter.


Crisis Support

FeelBetter Limestone Coast is not a Crisis Support Service. If you are experiencing a life-threatening or more urgent situation, telephone ‘000’ to request assistance.


Rachel and Celeste are both Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and members of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). Association Membership and Accreditation acknowledges the extensive skills, knowledge and expertise of these experienced social workers.

Feel Better offers the following fee options. There may also be other funding pathways that we can suggest on an individual basis. Please contact our service for our current pricing arrangements and/or a discussion about other pathways that may fit your situation:

  • Private Paying
  • GP referral with a Mental Health Treatment Plan. Medicare rebates will apply through this pathway.
  • Private Health Insurance rebates
  • NDIS – As Social Workers we are specifically able to provide NDIS plan supports to children, young adults and adults of all ages under: ‘Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living’
  • EAP – Costs covered by your employer
  • Medicare bulk bill with no out of pocket expense. Subject to capacity and assessment. Requires a GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan.

Appointment Durations: 50 minutes appointment/10 minutes allocated admin and follow up processes. Eftpos facilities provided.

In addition to face to face appointments are available via telehealth and phone.

Contact Us

Appointment and referral enquiries via the online form or call:

Telephone (08) 8726 8142
Email admin@feelbetter.au

1/2 Mitchell Street
Mount Gambier
South Australia 5290

Referrals: a GP referral is not required to access our support, however referrals under a GP mental health treatment plan can now be made to both Celeste and Rachel as Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Medicare rebates will apply. 

Medicare Provider Number (Celeste): 6481321A

Medicare Provider Number (Rachel): 6477941H

Referrals accepted from: GP’s, self-referral, health services, support services and agencies, NDIS Participants and support services, any other services